How To Get Google Drive To Appear In The Windows 10 Shortcuts Sidebar In Explorer

If, like me, you have accounts with all of the cloud providers and you’ve installed all their clients on your Windows 10 PC, you may be as frustrated as I was that Dropbox, OneDrive and even Adobe’s Creative Cloud all add a link to your shared folder in the Shortcuts bar on the left of a Windows Explorer windows, but that Google Drive doesn’t! Well, it’s absence is an oversight by Google that can be rectified with a few registry entries, viz: 

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We’re Back…

…three years later! It’s the way of every blog I’ve ever started. A burst of enthusiasm, followed by a dwindling output, with longer and longer gaps between entries until… Well, this. I have, of course, been writing music for the last three years, keeping my head above water financially and creating some art too (I hope). But I never fulfilled my goals of composing, recording and releasing an “album’s”-worth (whatever that means in this day and age) of music. I shalln’t make excuses – I’m still hoping to do just that, and I have all the ideas I had three years ago and many, many more to work with now. I’ve been, on and off, keeping my “hour a day” notion going (with the help of Habit Flow on my mobile) and so I am still progressing, still moving forward, albeit at a glacial pace from any outside viewpoint! I’ve got other plans too though, other ideas and outlets. I’ve been world-building a paradigm for a series of short stories to lead into a novel. I’ve continued my interests in technology and I.T. and have been building some interesting computers recently. And I’ve been working on some ideas with Gail too. […]

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Monitoring The Situation

Almost to a man, everyone who records their own music will tell you that the one part of your signal chain you cannot even consider skimping on is monitoring. Unless you can really hear every nuance in a mix, you cannot hope to get it sounding perfect by anything other than luck. You need to be able to hear when you cut 0.8dB from the mid-range of a guitar, or exactly where the reverb tails of your snare go when you pan them another 12% to the left. If you can’t, why bothering making the changes at all? So having been without monitors here in Granada for some time, mixing up until now (in the main) on a pair of old BeyerDynamic DT100 headphones, I finally invested in some new monitor speakers – a pair of Adam’s new A7X’s… Thomann delivered them swiftly (as always) and, after moving the studio around to accomodate them and to create a more natural listening position, in they went! When you first get a new set of monitors, you need to learn them by listening to music that you know well – reference material – so you know what the monitors are telling you […]

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