May 1, 2017

Shrine, Omotesando, Tokyo, November 2016

1/30 at f/3.5 ISO 2500

I’m finally starting to process the shortlist of the photographs I took during our trip to Japan in November last year. From over 1500 photographs taken, more than 1110 passed muster and were processed on my Surface Pro 4 while away in Barcelona during January-March 2017 using Lightroom CC. Of those, between 30 and 40 were picked for the “Shortlist” – a selection of photos to commit to print for used at home and for display at a small show in a local cafe. It is that handful which I am finally (re-)processing for realsies!

And this is the first of those photographs, a shrine on Omotesando – the Regent Street of Tokyo City – taken early evening, handheld and unlit.

May 1, 2017

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