November 2, 2016

Day One : Harajuku Apartment

Or is it Day 1.5? Or Day 0.5? Or Day Three even? I don’t fucking know! It’s currently 13:00 for us, and we’re some 9 hours ahead of GMT. We’ve been on a plane for 12 hours. We took off on Tuesday morning and landed on Wednesday morning, and got no sleep, and now it’s lunchtime but my body thinks it’s the middle of the night. Except I’m not sleepy! I’m so confused right now!

And, after the flight delays last week, the airlines hadn’t played their last trick on us – when we arrived at Heathrow yesterday morning to check in, we found we were sitting in different parts of the cabin, despite having paid £172 to book specific seats which were (unsuprisingly) beside each other. Even a supervisor couldn’t reinstate our chosen seats, but by moving us both around we did actually get to sit next to each other so all’s well that ended well I guess!

Still, after a quick cup of coffee at the airport we successfully maneuvered our oversized suitcases through Tokyo’s rush-hour to reach our apartment in Harajuku, and it’s lovely! It’s a studio, small (but then most places in Tokyo are) but well furnished and decorated, with all the facilities we need and in a location to die for! The owners are good people, musicians both and it was actually a recommendation not of the apartment but of the lessors that lead us to their/this door.

We can, tecnically, see the Tokyo SkyTree from the flat, but that’s the tallest unsupported tower in the world so I imagine any 8th floor apartment in Tokyo boasts that (whether it’s the truth or not!) Also, apparently, we could see Mount Fuji, were it a clear day. It isn’t…

We’re resisting lying down on the bed – that’s not going to help us get on top of the jetlag. So we’ll be heading out to explore the local area soon, I expect! The weather may be a little grim but we brought brollies!

November 2, 2016

One Comment on “Day One : Harajuku Apartment

Susana Nakatani
November 2, 2016 at 18:01

Glad you made it safely!! Hugs from us


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