October 20, 2016

Yet Another Relaunch!

Here were are again with what I think is the third relaunch for this particular incarnation of my blog (and I’ve lost count now of how many separate blogs I’ve had over the years!) The last post here was almost two years ago! You certainly can’t call me a prolific blogger! But I think I’ve determined why previous attempts at blogging have failed – the focus of the blog (“Writing About Writing Music”) is much too focused for someone who writes music as irregularly as I do, and can write about only a portion of it (that doesn’t immediately belong to an International Conglomerate who wouldn’t want any of their precious marketing materials to be out in the wild early, or at all!)

So, this time around my plan is to widen the net, to write about anything that interests me and I think may interest others. For example, I run a number of Linux servers (including the one this blog sits upon) and a fairly extensive home network too. I’m constantly tinkering (though I really should do, most of the time!) and often my discoveries, written up, could help others trying to tweak, fix or futz with the same thing.

I’m also somewhat of a gadget freak – write-ups, reviews and opinions on the many gadgets that pass through my life might be of interest to you, right?

Then there’s photography, something I was quite seriously interested in as a teen and have recently gotten back into. This blog will also be a place to showcase some of that work.

I don’t travel too much, but I live in a place that isn’t the same as most of you, and has an interesting and amazing history, and an engaging and stimulating present – I can write about that I think, both from the perspective of an outsider but also as someone who’s been here for eight years and counting and who is much more interested in integrating with the life here than transplanting my old life to a new home that happens to have more sun!

And with the lack-of-travel caveat (and really the main impetus for this relaunch) we are going to Tokyo in a fortnight for two weeks, and I’ll be writing that trip up here and posting photographs so families, friends and interlopers like yourself can keep up with our progress.

And, perhaps finally, there are a couple of musical projects that I can (but as of yet haven’t) write-up. I wil, I promise!

So yes, by widening the scope of benzoblog, I hope to be able to come up with interesting and engaging content going forward. However long I manage to maintain that this time around remains to be seen!

October 20, 2016

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