July 8, 2010

I’ve Started A Blog… Again!

I had my first blog in 1994! I wrote about going through a particularly bad break-up. It was excerpted in the “Funnies” section on the back-page of a the biggest industry magazine in my field… I quit advertising and went to Spain to be a singer shortly afterwards!

Since then, I’ve had blogs on and off (but more “off” for sure) but if you know me, you know how unfocused I am – eventually, they all fall by the wayside.

The same goes for my music – I’m unfocused and lazy, and good long periods can pass without me doing anything.

So, I’ve taken a leaf out of my much-more-dedicated and much-more-focused girlfriend’s book and have created this blog to try to spur me onto doing some recording and getting it up here for you all to hear. That’s the only rule that I have for this blog – at least once a week I will post a piece of music. It may only be a sketch, but it will be something, I promise you. And I promise me! (I may post other things here too – you know, like a blog. But really, it’s about the music!)

To show you what we’re up against, the last piece of music I uploaded to SoundCloud was this sampler of five piano themes, five months ago!

Not one of these ideas has been developed any further yet. :-(

I also have a number of guitar ideas that I’ve been playing for ages but haven’t gotten around to fleshing out and committing to tape. So there is plenty to come, if I can just knuckle down and do it! The journey starts here!

July 8, 2010

One Comment on “I’ve Started A Blog… Again!

July 8, 2010 at 17:35

Yay! Bloggery! I’ll look forward to your musings :)


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